The synthetic upper Symbioskin™ is an extremely low density, tri-laminate material designed specifically for the Trinity. Three unique elements are fused together to create a symbiotic functionality, these layers individually sculpt around the players foot allowing exceptional feel and command of the ball, whilst maintaining exceptional comfort. Pele Sports take comfort so seriously that two separate widths have been developed to ensure ultimate comfort & performance for all players.


The outsole is created from a futuristic hybrid of fibre reinforced lightweight polymer, it is a dual density fabrication created through molecular manipulation that results in an optimised rigidity directly aligned to the biomechanics of the foot. From initial ground contact to final acceleration, the unique stud geometry and durability of the material permit fast comfortable movement.



The outsole creates a superior platform to realise the patented stud geometry that harnesses the natural mid-foot motion, ensuring the earliest possible force generation and accelerating your rapid response rate resulting in pure speed! The stud tips are created from an advanced binary compound which has intensified durability properties and has been specifically engineered to naturally resist and reduce the likelihood of a rolled ankle or 'inversion' injury.